August High Day 2017

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From the Regional Druid

We are well into summer now, and it’s even getting hot all over our region. The heat heralds the start of Pagan Pride season! You can find out if there’s a Pagan Pride near you at Please consider volunteering or attending if you do. I have some ADF business cards that I can mail out to you, or provide you with a flyer to print if you’re interested in helping to share our Church with other pagans. I will be joining Rev. Sean Harbaugh in Sacremento for their Pagan Pride in September.

In addition to being Pagan Pride season, it’s still Festival season! We had an excellent Eight Winds Festival and consecration of the Cernunnos shrine. If you didn’t get a chance to attend Eight Winds, Beyond the Gates is coming up this month on August 24th! The folks at Columbia Grove have lined up a great event for us.

This High Day, Lammas, is traditionally thought of as a harvest festival. This can be a little challenging depending on where you live. Here in the Bay Area of California, we have a very long growing and harvesting season, but over in Nevada and up in Washington, there is a much shorter growing season due to extremes in temperature. So what do you celebrate? I prefer to celebrate the world around us! Spending time looking at farmers markets and taking the time to enjoy the in-season fruits in your region is a great way to celebrate the harvest – whenever it happens.

This High Day, I invite you to think about what the High Day means to you; and find your way to celebrate Our Own Druidry that is meaningful to you.

Blessings of the Kindreds to you and yours,

Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)
Northwest Regional Druid

Dedicants Corner: Lammas

Working on your Dedicant Program? Or just interested in the High Day?
Here’s some useful links for you.

 From ThoughtCo (formerly History of the Lammas Harvest Celebration

Archdruid Jean Pagano shared some Imbolc and Lughnasadh Devotionals on his Witches & Pagans Blog

Rev. Jan Avende did a solitary Facebook Live ritual on August 1st. The video was shared on the Three Cranes Grove Facebook Public Page.

Jason Mankey talks about 8 Ways to Celebrate Lughnassa/Lammas and previously posted on Lughnassa/Lammas: What’s In a Name (or Date)?

And for a bit of fun, collected a series of instagram posts about Lammas traditions and spells

Eight Winds and the Consecration of the Cernunnos Shrine

Cernunnos mosaic in the Shrine

Prayers carved into stone

We had a fantastic time at Eight Winds this year at Trout Lake Abbey. The Abbey is a beautiful place with wonderful grounds and a series of shrines to the Kindreds. The header image of this newsletter shows the main stone circle – and the location of our rituals.

We were thrilled to have Lupa, Shauna Aura Knight, Rev. Kirk Thomas and Phaedra Bonewits join us to provide two days of fantastic workshops! Friday night, we had an RDNA ritual where a number of folks who attended were initiated into RDNA, the organization that from which ADF was born. During dinner on Saturday night, we held the annual auction! There were some fantastic items auctioned off included art by local artists, handcrafted items, a Medusa statue, jewelry by Shauna Aura Knight and from Phaedra Bonewits collection, Kirk Thomas’ new book, and much more! Overall we raised over $400, and it all went to Trout Lake Abbey to help fund out visit.

Shauna Aura Knight lent her ritual facilitation skills to the consecration ritual and it was a fantastic ritual with all of us giving our energy to the consecration of the Shrine. Rev. Kirk Thomas was the main priest in the ritual, and he took the omen. Here’s what he had to say about it:

The Ancestors give us Salmon – wisdom & inspiration. The Nature Spirits give us Cat – guardianship, and sensuality. The Deities give us Crane – hidden knowledge. Finally, Cernunnos gives us Boar, or right direction and leadership. By watching out for each other, our wisdom and inspiration will allow us to access both the aid of the Kindreds and our inner selves, for we are truly on the right path.

For next year’s Eight Winds, we’ll be holding it further south in the region – more details to come as we have them. We hope to return more frequently to Trout Lake Abbey as it’s such a beautiful location!

May we watch out for each other and receive the blessings of the Kindreds.

You can see the full schedule as well as guest bios on the website at

View from the sanctuary towards the Mountain

Local Festivals this Season

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Beyond the Gates is August 24-27th 2017
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Many Gods West is a general Polythiest conference – August 4-6, 2017
California Witchcamp is more generally pagan – June 25 – July 2, 2017

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