Autumn Equinox 2016

ADF Northwest Newsletter

From the Regional Druid

Greetings everyone,

The wheel of the year continues forward. You can smell the change of the season in the air, and summer is easing into autumn. The days are noticeably shorter, and the fall vegetables are starting to make their way to the markets. As the night air grows increasingly colder, there is a sense of ancestral presence coming near. Samhuinn is only a month away, and the echoes of the voices of those long passed can be heard from the depths of the waters. It’s a time of reflection. It’s a time of harvest. It’s a time to gather one’s energy and prepare for the cold, wet winter ahead.

I feel a sense of this autumn in my role as Regional Druid. My term will be over in about six months, and it feels like yesterday that I was elected to serve. I’m proud of our region, its leaders, and the members. Everyone, together, makes the Northwest what it is. We’ve had amazing growth, and I sense that this will continue after my term is over next May.

This past quarter has been very busy for me as RD. I travelled up to Olympia, WA for the Many Gods west conference, and I was able to chat with many of our members up there. It was an amazing place to be, and it reminded me how beautiful it really is up there. I was met up there by my RD partner Victoria Selnes, and together with several members of Cascade Grove led a wonderful ADF ritual. Just last week, Victoria and I were at Sacramento Pagan Pride, and we represented ADF (along with a bunch of help from Sierra Madrone Grove) and again led a beautiful ritual.

We continue to see many wonderful things flourish in our region, and we have a new Protogrove in Eugene, Oregon. Also, it looks like Clan of the Triple Horses is going for reinstatement as a Protogrove in Medford (Yay!). So, bunches and bunches of Oregon growth happening, and it is nice to see my friend Aigeann make a return to leadership.

I wish you all autumn blessings, and may the Kindreds always walk the path with you.


Rev. Sean Harbaugh
Northwest Regional Druid

Seasonal Rituals

Here’s a few links that might help you with information and celebrations for this High Day season!

Rituals for the Season

Fall Equinox solitary ritual by Rev. Davin macLugh

The Ritual Page on has lots of links and ideas

From the Editor

Greetings Druids!

I was thrilled to join Sierra Madrone Grove at the Sacremento Pagan Pride this year to help support the event! This year, they included a Temple, and Rev. Sean and I both setup shrines in the Temple. It was a great experience to have a space where other people could come and worship our gods.

In a recent blog post, Archdruid Drum talked about the importance of Pagan Art – including public shrines, Temples and music. We encourage members of ADF to do what they can to support public displays of Pagan Art.  It was very exciting to setup the shrines at Sacremento Pagan Pride for everyone.

If you have some shrines that you’ve setup, please share them with us!

If you’d like to add anything to the newsletter, or if you have suggestions of things that you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let us know at

May the blessings of the Kindreds be with you!
Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)
Sacremento Pagan Pride 2016


Feb 17 – 20, 2017

2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA

ADF will once again host a Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon 2017.

We have spaces for a few workshops, so if you’re interested in presenting, please send an email to with your idea!

We’ve also submitted a Ritual for the program. If it’s accepted we’ll be doing a ritual for Unity.

The Hospitality Suite is fully funded by your donations!  Look out for the upcoming information about how to donate!

National Election Season

We’re getting close to Election Day for the US.
Your voice is important!

If you haven’t done so yet, please register to vote and on Election Day – VOTE!

If for some reason you can’t vote on election day, please request a mail-in ballot so you can still vote. Every voice matters.

From the Mother Grove

Recently the Mother Grove sent out a couple of announcements:
Voicing our Support and Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

ADF signs Declaration 127

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Around the Region

Events and Rituals that are happening around the region.
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Samhain Rituals

Protogrove of the Valley Oak, San Jose, CA
Samhain Ritual
October 29 at 10:30 AM

Columbia Grove, OR
Welcoming our Mighty Dead
November 5 at 6:30 PM

Hold the date!

The two big events have their dates all setup – save the dates to attend one or both!

11th Annual Eight Winds Festival
July 13-16, 2017 at Trout Lake Abbey

Beyond the Gates
August 24-27th 2017 at Trout Lake Abbey

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Gifts of the Wyrd
Hosts: Jan Tjeerd (yan-teerd) Hyatt and Laine Delaney

Part the Mists

by Jonathan & Arin

Cernunnos Shrine at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary
The shrine foundations are laid but they need a bit more funding to keep it going.
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