Imbolc 2017

ADF Northwest Newsletter
January at Trout Lake Abbey

From the Regional Druid

Blessed Imbolc to you all,

The weather is continuing to be very wet where I am in California, which is wonderful! It’s been quite chilly even in our the southerly areas of the region, with our norther regions getting more than their fair share of snow! While we are approaching Imbolc, winter is still very much here!

For me, Imbolc is the space when winter is starting to lessen it’s grip – the weather is hitting the coldest point and it’s going to start warming up.  For members in our more Northern areas, it might take a bit longer for winter to start turning into spring. This is, for me, one of the challenges of Imbolc – what do I celebrate? Here in California we have no snow cover for plants to start peaking through. As an urban pagan, there’s no sheep or livestock to have babies to remind me that spring is coming.

Imbolc is also a reminder of Pantheacon! If you’re in the Bay Area, or want to spend a lovely weekend with a few thousand pagans, heathens, druids and allies, please come on over! ADF hosts a hospitality suite every year and we’d love you to come and visit.  The suite is funded by donations, so if you can donate or bring an item for the auction we would appreciate it.

Stay safe, and if I can help, please do reach out!

Blessings of the Kindreds to you and yours,

Victoria Selnes (Leona Oigheag)
Northwest Regional Druid

Dedicants Corner

Working on your Dedicant Program? Here’s some useful links for you.

General Pagan resources about Imbolc All About Imbolc
Patheos has a lot of articles on Imbolc from different perspectives

Dedicant Resources

  Looking for a audio or ebook version of “Our Own Druidry”? Check out these links:

Audio | Kindle | ePub | PDF

Have children who are interested in the Dedicant Program?
There’s an Easy Reader version available!

If you’d like a little guidance going through the Dedicant Program, you can get a free copy of Michael Dangler’s “Through the Wheel of the Year” on the ADF site, after you’ve logged in, on the Publications page.


Feb 17 – 20, 2017

2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA
ADF will once again host a Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon 2017. Help us to fund this Suite through our GoFundMe campaign.

ADF’s Ritual for Unity
Sunday 11pm

Check out the full schedule on the PCon Hospitality Suite page

Hold the date!

The two big Northwest events have their dates all setup – save the dates to attend one or both!

11th Annual Eight Winds Festival
July 13-16, 2017
Trout Lake Abbey

Beyond the Gates
August 24-27th 2017
Trout Lake Abbey


Rev. Davin MacLugh did a Facebook Live chat about Imbolc where he talks about the High Day and how he practices.

Rev. Davin MacLugh as also shared his Solitary Imbolc Ritual on his blog.

ADF Member Blogs

This month I’d like to highlight two blogs by ADF members outside of our region.

Rev. Ian Corrigan has his blog at where he discusses magic and spiritual topics from his perspective.

Archdruid, Jean “Drum” Pagano hosts his personal blog at His latest post is about the ritual he attended in Brazil!

 Around the Region

Events and Rituals that are happening around the region.

Our members at Lovelock Correctional Center recently donated four great crochet blankets to the ADF Artisan’s drive for Project Linus!  Great work guys!

Crochet blankets from Members at Lovelock

You can find out how to contact any of the Grove Organizers or Senior Druids

Upcoming Rituals

Most Yule rituals have already happened, but you can see what’s coming up on our Northwest Events Facebook page at You do not need to be logged into Facebook to see the page.

 If you have something that you’d like us to add, please email us at

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The Mother Grove blog includes agendas and minutes from the Mother Grove meetings. These notes also go out in email to ADF-Discuss

 Podcasts & Projects

ADF Northwest members are working hard to get information about their spirituality and their practices out there.

Check out these podcasts, and remember to rate them too!

Gifts of the Wyrd
by Jan Tjeerd (yan-teerd) Hyatt

Part the Mists
by Jonathan & Arin

White Mountain Druid Sanctuary
now has a Patreon page! Help to support this beautiful site with it’s many (and increasing) polytheist shrines!

Seeking the Sacred Divine Anthology
Victoria S. is requesting submissions for a new anthology about ways that we can connect with the Divine.
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Image Credits:
Header Image of Trout Lake Abbey by Rev. Kirk Thomas
Blankets by Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)