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Happy 2018!

This year has started out with one heck of a bang! Unfortunately, that means that it’s been an insane January and early February for me – which is why this newsletter is a bit late.  Here in California, Imbolc has nothing to do with flowers poking up from snow. In the urban area where I live, it’s not about the lambs either.  Imbolc is, for me, about beginnings. It’s the first High Day of the secular New Year.

As we go through the Wheel of the Year, as we have an opportunity to determine what each High Day means to us. I challenge you to think about what the High Days mean to you. How do you view Imbolc? Does it strike a chord with you? Is there a change in the weather that makes sense for you? Or a change in Nature? or is the time marked by something else? If you’re doing the Dedicant’s program, these thoughts can help you with your essays too.

Late last year, we had the first online text chat, and this year we’re continuing them. The next chat is on Feb 22 at 7:00pm in the ADF NW Discord – – in the Lounge text channel. All are welcome.

2017 was a difficult year for many, so here’s to a better new year!

Blessings of the Kindreds to you and yours,

Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)
Northwest Regional Druid

Archdruid Jon Drum is the editor on a new collection of devotionals to the Earth Mother. I’m thrilled to be included with some of Pagan’s most prominent names in this devotional.

The book is available in eBook and physical format.
It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that service.

Dedicants Corner: Imbolc

Working on your Dedicant Program? Or just interested in the High Day
Here are some useful links for you.

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Six Ways to Celebrate Imbolc as provided by The Green Parent

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Damh the Bard has released a new album that tells the take of the Mabinogi. You can get the album from his website.

Check out this online Pagan Calendar to help you find information on the moon cycles and seasons.

John Beckett posted an article about what to do When You Can’t Experience the Gods for Yourself

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Witches and Pagans on – Hosted by the Witches & Pagans site there are a lot of good bloggers here too!

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