Lughnasadh 2016

ADF Northwest Newsletter

From the Regional Druid

Greetings everyone,

I hope everyone is having a joyous summer and a blessed Lughnasadh. It’s been a busy season for our region, as we continue to see good growth in ADF and great enthusiasm for Our Druidry.

I just finished with Eight Winds, a festival that was started 10 years ago by the former Rogue River Grove/Clan of the Triple Horses. It’s always a highlight to my year, because I get to spend four days of fellowship with people I don’t get to see often enough. This year’s festival was once again held at Prosser Ranch Reservoir, and we had the good fortune of having Archdruid Jon Drum, AD Emeritus Kirk Thomas, and my friend Jason Mankey in attendance. Lindsay and I catered the food, and it was just a wonderful event. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event! So much fun. Many thanks to my Deputy Regional Druid Victoria Selnes for helping organize such a great event, and a big round of thanks to all the volunteers that helped make it happen.

I’ll be at Many God’s West this weekend, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with our members in the Pacific Northwest. I’m looking to have a sit down and discuss any pertinent issues or ideas that the members would like to discuss.

As always, I’m very proud to serve as your regional druid.


Rev. Sean Harbaugh
Northwest Regional Druid


Feb 17 – 20, 2017

2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA

ADF will one again host a Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon 2017. We have spaces for a few workshops, so if you’re interested in presenting, please send an email to with your idea!

We’ve also submitted a Ritual for the program. If it’s accepted we’ll be doing a ritual for Unity.

The Hospitality Suite is fully funded by your donations!  Look out for the upcoming information about how to donate!

Fun for the Season

Here’s a few links that might help you with information and celebrations for this High Day season!

Rituals & History’s Page with lots of links to ideas and information
Solitary Lughnasadh Rite by Rev. Davin macLugh
The Ritual Page on has lots of links and ideas
Shining Lakes Grove has this version of the Lughnasadh Dance
Ireland Calling Daily put out this short YouTube video about Lughnasadh in Brigit’s Garden in Ireland


Corn Husk Luminaries from Kleinworth & Co.
Popcorn-Filled Candle Lanterns from Smart Schoolhouse

From the Editor

Greetings Druids!

Wow, the year is just flying by.  I can’t believe that it’s already Lughnasadh! Many groves and protogroves celebrated this last weekend, and more will be celebrating in the days to come.  In this edition, we’ve included some links to ADF and non-ADF sites to share how other folks are celebrating this High Day.

This High Day signals the first of the harvests. Down here in the Bay Area, baby cabbages are starting to show up in the Farmer’s Markets! If you’re interested in what vegetables are in-season where you are, check out your local Farmer’s Market or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) website.

Eight Winds and Between the Gates are now both done, and planning is underway for next year!  Before then, though, we have Pantheacon!  If you’re in the area, I’d recommend trying to come by for at least a day.  ADF hosts a Hospitality Suite, the Vendor room is amazing and dangerous to your wallet, the workshops are great and the general hospitality is awesome!

Between now and then, we’ve got a few High days and a lot of holidays!  If you’d like to add anything to the newsletter for any of those days, please let us know at

May the blessings of the Kindreds be with you!

Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)

Farmer's Market in the Bay Area, California
Farmer’s Market in the Bay Area, California

Around the Region

Events and Rituals that are happening around the region.
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You can find out how to contact any of the Grove Organizers or Senior Druids

Cascadia Grove

Many Gods West in Olympia
August 6, 7:00pm on the Outside Lawn
For Information on Many Gods West:
Website | Facebook

Many Gods West 2016

Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF

Fourth Cross-Quarter High Day Ritual
August 4, 7:00 pm
Las Vegas, Nevada
Facebook Event

Columbia Grove

Irish Lughnasadh
August 7, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Portland, Oregon
Facebook Event

We are thrilled to welcome Twisted Root ProtoGrove, ADF in Eugene, OR to the Northwest Region!

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 Podcasts & Projects

ADF Northwest members are working hard to get information about their spirituality and their practices out there.

Check out these podcasts, and remember to rate them too!

Gifts of the Wyrd
Hosts: Jan Tjeerd (yan-teerd) Hyatt and Laine Delaney

Part the Mists

by Jonathan & Arin

Cernunnos Shrine at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary
The shrine foundations are laid!
Keep an eye on their original Fund raising campaign for links to the newest one!–3#/

 Seeking the Sacred Divine Anthology
Victoria S. is requesting submissions for a new anthology about ways that we can connect with the Divine.
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