Lughnasadh 2018

ADF Northwest Newsletter

From the Regional Druid

Happy Lughnasadh!

Last month, we had our Eight Winds Festival. This year was one of the best that I’ve ever been to – and that wasn’t just because we had cabins! Riley, Sean, and the team put together a fantastic event with speakers from within ADF and without. For the first time, we had the current Archdruid, the Archdruid Emeritus, and the Vice Archdruid at the same event.

One of my favorite moments at the event was watching herbalist Sarah Bernard pull out a camp knife and prep a mixture to help one of the kids who had fallen and scraped himself. It reminded me of how we can bring our spirituality and our practice into our everyday lives. We can look at any situation we face and consider how we can incorporate our virtues, our values, and our spirituality into our response.

In today’s somewhat crazy world, I invite you to consider our values – especially Hospitality – as you respond to some of the stressful insanity around you.

Blessings of the Kindreds to you and yours,

Victoria S (Leona Oigheag)
Northwest Regional Druid

From the Deputy Regional Druid

Lughnasadh Blessings, may your harvest exceed your need.

At this time of year, we have historically been able to glimpse the fullness of the yield of our work. Cover crops were turned. The soil was worked and tilled. The seeds were planted, and the rows were hoed. Our aspirations were irrigated, thinned, weeded, and all the diligence we could muster was invested in the success of our endeavors. Now, at the first harvest, the quality of our produce is revealed and shared with our community.

That’s what it felt like to come home after Eight Winds. This was my first time being so heavily involved in the organization of a festival. And, truthfully, our annual regional festival is Sierra Madrone Grove’s signature event. I really felt that it needed to live up to the years that I’ve been an attendee, and the years it has been organized by those that went before me. I have seen the pictures. I know it was excellent before I ever went.

So, we stepped up, secured great presenters and an awesome location. I ferreted away my favorite whiskeys for months. We did the things that needed doing, cultivated relationships, and learned new tools. We made schedules and agreements, strengthened bonds, and found everyone was ready to pitch in when things needed to happen. What a great experience.

When we came together for Sierra Madrone’s board meeting to debrief, we went over the lessons learned, examined opportunities for next time, and reveled in the success of another fantastic year at Eight Winds. The continued growth of our friendships and interdependence combine with the solid foundation of ADF that we build on, and are not just analogous to the experience of our ancestors. They are the work and the fruit that we harvest and share with joy.

Michael Riley
Senior Druid at Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF
Northwest Deputy Regional Druid

A Full Moon Prayer for Healing

Shared by Jon Drum and created in conjunction with the Healer’s SIG.

A small group of individuals has been working together to put forth a methodology for a general working for ADF members and any person who needs and consents to our practice. We have come up with a healing prayer to work every Full Moon.

I would recommend facing your altar or facing the Full Moon and envision those who are to receive our blessings and the blessings of the Moon, the Earth Mother, and whichever deities and spirits you call forth, bathed in the light of the Moon.

Feel them surrounded by the light and the prayers of all those working together for this end.
As you do so, say:

May the light of the Full Moon shine down upon us in blessing and in healing:
For those in need who consent,
For support of those in dire need who cannot yet reach out,
For ourselves;

Heal us of our infirmities,
Heal us of our maladies,
Heal us of our affliction.

Bring us all into the light of better health and better living.

For this, we honor and thank the Full Moon and the healing goddesses and gods of our hearths.

So be it!

Dedicants Corner: Summer Solstice

Working on your Dedicant Program? Or just interested in the High Day
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