Pantheacon 2017


ADF Hospitality Suite – PantheaCon 2017

Join us from Feb 17 – Feb 20 at PantheaCon 2017 in San Jose, CA
Doubletree Hotel,  Room 253

ADF PantheaCon Hospitality Suite 2015
ADF PantheaCon Hospitality Suite 2015

The PantheaCon site says of the Con:  “join our huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration.”

PantheaCon is the largest Pagan convention around, with over two thousand attendees of every imaginable Pagan-y flavor descending upon the Doubletree Hotel in San José, CA each President’s Day weekend (February). While PantheaCon is not strictly an ADF event, we have hosted a hospitality suite there for many years, and we do a full ADF ritual for the Con every year.

Stop by our hospitality room, and enjoy a snack and chat. We have become a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con and enjoy some great discussion.

Support the Hospitality Suite

ADF does not contribute any funds to this event.  It’s all made possible by the donations of members and visitors like you.

Our funds are being collected by Rev. Sean Harbaugh and the Sierra Madrone Grove.
If you’re supporting us through PayPal, please include a note that this is for the ADF Hospitality Suite. 

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11:30 AM – Suite Opens
1:30 PM – Building Effective Ritual (Eric and Katrina Rasbold)
3:30 PM – Isaac’s Vision: Still Vital, Still Working (Rev. Jean “Drum” Pagano)
7:00 PM – RDNA Ritual (Rev. Jean “Drum” Pagano)
2:00 AM – Suite Closes

11:30 AM – Getting to No – a workshop on consent (Victoria Selnes)
1:30 PM – Gods of Ireland (Morgan Daimler)
3:30 PM – Bardic Music; Ritual Music (Shauna Aura Knight)
2:00 AM – Suite Closes

11:30 AM – Suite Opens
1:30 PM – Ask ADF: an open forum panel for you to ask your questions
3:30 PM – Bioregional Totemism (Lupa Greenwolf)
7:00 PM – Auction
8:00 PM – Suite Closed for Ritual Prep.
9:00 PM – ADF Ritual for Unity, Oak Room
11:00 AM – Suite re-opens
2:00 AM – Suite Closes

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Members & Friends at Pantheacon

Some of our Members and Friends of ADF are also hosting additional rooms and doing workshops!

John Hijatt is hosting the PantheaCon Divination Suite in room 947

The Strong Roots and Wide Branches will be hosting a Polytheist suite & Shrine!

Eric & Katrina Rasbold have two workshops
1:30 pm on Sunday 19 Feb, “Incense Making,” Room #257, Pagan Artisans of Northern California.
11:00 am on Monday 20 Feb, “The Rose, The Root, & the Dowsing Rod: Southern Folk Magic,” Santa Clara Room.