Here are some resources for you to use in your research and studies!

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Video Resources

ADF & ADF Member YouTube Channels

  • ADF Bards: Submissions from ADF Druids for their Bardic Studies Program
  • ADF Druidry: The official ADF YouTube channel including rituals by our Clergy, Druid Moon Rituals, songs, and workshops by ADF Members
  • Ceisiwr Serith: ADF-style rituals, PIE-style rituals, list of recommended books on different IE traditions, Wicca rituals, and treatments of particular Celtic deities.
  • DP Video Classes: Video classes on the DB by Chelly C.
  • Druid Thing Podcast: Created by Rev. Mathew
  • Emerald: A collection of songs that are good for ADF Rituals and meditation
  • Ian Corrigan’s Channel: A collection of works and chants including the Kindling Charm, a Two Powers Meditation, and a series on the Irish Celtic Culture (Under the Oaks)
  • John Beckett: Under the Ancient Oaks was a short run podcast that includes interiews with a number of ADF Members
  • Three Cranes Grove: Rituals, chants, and workshops brought to you by Three Cranes Grove.

YouTube Channels by other Pagans and groups

  • Dr. Jackson Crawford: Professor of Norse Mythology, Berkley talks about Norse Myths and Culture
  • Esoteric Moment: Join this OBOD druid as she shares weekly videos about her life as a druid
  • Hellenion Organization: We are a diverse group of Hellenic polytheists, sharing the common goal of living a life, both common and individual, of piety and proper respect for the gods of Olympos and ancient Hellenic tradition.
  • Joanna Van Der Hoeven: Druid, Witch, and author, she shares a few videos for you to enjoy
  • John the Verbose: Minnesota Druid in the Twin Cities, founder of Oakdale Grove, an active congregation of the Reformed Druids of North America.
  • Nimue Brown: Chants, songs, and more from pagan author Nimue Brown
  • Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids: Rituals, lectures, and songs from OBOD
  • Pagan Music Chants: A large collection of pagan chants and songs
  • Pagan Perspective: Listen to pagans from a variety of paths talk about the subject of the week.
  • Phillip Carr Gomm: Podcasts and thoughts from this author and Chosen Chief of OBOD
  • Survive The Jive: Survive the Jive is a channel about Tradition, nature and history. There are a number of videos about Anglo-Saxon and Norse Myths and Culture
  • Upon the Path: Seeking the Spirit of Paganism and Interviews from Pantheacon
  • The Troth: Workshops and lectures with a Norse perspective from The Troth
  • Thorleifr: Focusing on Viking culture and potential modern re-creations of it that make sense for our world