Spring Equinox 2017

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From the Regional Druid

Blessed Spring Equinox to you all,

Pantheacon 2017 was a great convention! We had a lot of folks floating in and out of the suite, and a lot of people who stayed to chat.  Thanks to everyone who donated – through items for the auction, time, stuff or money! Thanks to you all, the suite was a great success.  Special thanks to Drum, Bonnie, Sean and Michael who made sure that the suite was staffed and made sure that everything was setup!

We had a wonderful RDNA ritual on Friday, with a number of RDNA and ADF members, as well as some non-members. Special thanks to Stacey Jo for leading a great ritual!

If you’re not familiar with RDNA, they are the Reformed Druids of North America; and they are an organization that Issac Bonewits helped to found before he founded ADF. RDNA is the spiritual predecessor to ADF, and hosting these rituals in ADF space is important for us to keep that memory alive.  If you’re interested in getting more involved with RDNA, check out their facebook page or their website!

With Pantheacon behind us, we look forward to our next event – Eight Winds Festival. Eight Winds has been a wonderful event the last few years, and we’re thrilled to be holding it this year at Trout Lake Abbey! Early registration is currently open through April 15th – you save 20% off of the registration + meal plan if you register early. We’re also going to be having an auction at Eight Winds, so if you’d like to support the festival, even if you’re not going, please let me know. Find out more details and register at http://northwest.adf.org/eight-winds-2017/.

And with Spring comes our ADF Elections!  If you’re an ADF member, you’ll have an email with the subject “ADF 2017 Election Ballot” with voting instructions. Please take the time to read through the bios for the different candidates and vote for the candidate that you think is best for ADF for each of the positions.

Spring is a great time to be in our region. Stay safe, and if I can help, please do reach out!

Blessings of the Kindreds to you and yours,

Victoria Selnes (Leona Oigheag)
Northwest Regional Druid

Dedicants Corner

Working on your Dedicant Program? Here’s some useful links for you.

General Pagan resources about Spring Equinox

 From ThoughtCo (formerly About.com): Ostara Rites and Rituals and Crafts for the Ostara Sabbat
 Wild Hunt Spring Equinox 2016 – A Blessed Spring Equinox
Patheos – Reimagining Ostara by John Beckett

Dedicant Resources

Working on your DP and you’re not sure what’s required for a question?
Check out the Evaluation Criteria!

Remember, if you have another suggestion for a book to review for your DP, check out the alternative book list or email the preceptor with your suggestion.


Spring is here

The spring approaches and sun shines warmer.
There is a sense of change in the air. A sense of wonder.
The changing of the seasons turns like a wheel.
It doesn’t stop. It never pauses. It won’t heel.
Like life itself, the season’s evolve and revolve.
I can see the grass and leaves coming alive again.
There’s a sense of rebirth giving hope to us.
There’s a sense of new life all around us.
I can see the sun and feel its warmth.
I can feel the breeze and sense its power.
I know that we’ll get at least one more spring shower.
I know the Earth Mother will display her raw power.
Earth Mother life grows from your bosoms.
Spring is here and I see your beautiful blossoms.

By Rev. Sean W Harbaugh

Kindling The Hearthfire:
A new ADF Podcast

Greetings! We’re getting ready to put the Spring Equinox Podcast together here at Kindling the Hearthfire, and we’re looking for your input!
In our first episode we asked you what Imbolc means for you, and it was great to get everyone’s responses!

What does Spring Equinox or this time of year mean to you? What do you do to celebrate?
If you have any ideas or celebrations that you’d like to include in the Podcast, please forward them to:
Deadline for submissions is Monday March 30th.


The Liturgists Guild has recently put together a full list of all the rituals in their Yearbook. Check it out at https://www.adf.org/members/guilds/liturgists/liturgist-yearbooks/liturgists-yearbook-full-list.html

 Don’t forget to check out the other Kins and SIGs for more rituals!

 Rev. Davin has his solitary ritual for Spring Equinox up on his Tumblr Blog

Sites for Pagan News and Blogs

Looking for some pagan-friendly reading? Check out these sites!
Paganbloggers.com – New pagan blogging site opening on March 21st
Patheos Pagan – Hosted on an interfaith blogging site there’s a great collection of bloggers here
Wild Hunt – your pagan news site!
Witches and Pagans on Pagansquare.com – Hosted by the Witches & Pagans site there are a lot of good bloggers here too!

ADF Elections!

The time for our annual elections is here, and we’re happy to say that you can vote online!

To vote in the election you’ll need to log into our Members website and go to: https://www.adf.org/members/ballot.html

Remember that we have 2 positions for NOD and you can use all your votes for each position (but no more than your total number of votes can go to any one person)

Around the Region

 More Events are Coming!

The two big Northwest events have their dates all setup – save the dates to attend one or both!

11th Annual Eight Winds Festival
July 13-16, 2017
Trout Lake Abbey

Beyond the Gates
August 24-27th 2017
Trout Lake Abbey

Upcoming Rituals

You can see what’s coming up on our Northwest Events Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ADFNorthwestEvents/.
You do not need to be logged into Facebook to see the page.

 If you have something that you’d like us to add, please email us at adfnwevents@gmail.com

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 Podcasts & Projects

ADF members are working hard to get information about their spirituality and their practices out there.

Check out these podcasts, and remember to rate them too!

Kindling the Hearthfire
by Ashtore Driver

Weird Web Radio
by Lonnie Scott

Gifts of the Wyrd
by Jan Tjeerd (yan-teerd) Hyatt

Part the Mist
by Jonathan & Arin

White Mountain Druid Sanctuary
now has a Patreon page! Help to support this beautiful site with it’s many (and increasing) polytheist shrines!

Seeking the Sacred Divine Anthology
Victoria S. is requesting submissions for a new anthology about ways that we can connect with the Divine. The Deadline is March 31 for Submissions.
Find out more on her blog at:

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